Our Programs & Services

We pursue our mission through integrated strategic holistic commitment to:

our strategic pillars

Transformational Development

Transformational Development that is community-based and sustainable focused especially on the needs of children, youth and people living with disability.

Gender Mainstreaming

Gender Mainstreaming that is, advocate for programming in the development processes that facilitates mainstreaming of gender in their models for quicker realization of goals of development.

Health and Education

Health and Education that is advocating for policy formulation and implementation of provisions of the law which provides that every individual is guaranteed the highest attainable standards of health and basic education for all.

Art and Photography

Art and Photography that is using creative and fine art and talent to advocate for eradication of GBV, Champion for rights of PLWDs and all marginalized groups in the society.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid that is to provide legal guidance to clients of violence, train paralegals and represent victims in court.

Research Monitoring

Research Monitoring and Documentation that is carry out research and document for best practice and share with partners for replication in other places.

Child Rights Awareness

Child Rights Awareness that is sensitizing the communities on the rights of children through local meetings, media and strengthening sensitization structures in the communities we work in.

Climate Change advocacy

Climate Change advocacy this is to advocate for community led mitigation intervention with youth as the primary target, policy makers and women in the community.